Artwork in The Farmhouse

Often left raw, with unadorned plaster and exposed copper piping, the walls are hung with works by some of Hauser & Wirth’s most notable artists.

The Farmhouse’s interior is completed with unique artworks by two of Hauser & Wirth’s artists, Guillermo Kuitca and Pipilotti Rist.

Beginning in a corner of the Dining Room, Kuitca painted directly onto the walls, working from floor to ceiling and 360° around the room. Having previously only experimented with this creative process on the walls of his Buenos Aires studio, this was the first instance that Kuitca created a painted space which envelops the viewer. Primed with gesso and painted with Old Holland oils, the four walls of the room have been covered from top to bottom with intense, angular forms. Kuitca’s paint trolley remains and, at the artist’s request, so have areas of old-fashioned lino that can still be found in patches across the stone floor. Kuitca’s installation will remain permanently on display in the Dining Room.

Pipilotti Rist spent 12 months living in Bruton. In response to the surrounding landscape, Rist produced an installation now on display in the Farmhouse’s Living Room.

The piece consists of a film projected in the main living space, sharing close-up shots of interactions with nature. The projection is fractured, screened through fragments of glass found on-site and hung from the ceiling. Large or small, unifying or splintering into a host of different elements, Rist’s installations are expansive, finding in the mind and body the possibility of endless discovery. The chandelier pieces used were collected as part of an archaeological dig that the artist performed in the nearby area.

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